81-Year-Old Woman Charged With Counterfeit Funland Tickets


Rehoboth Beach police arrested an 81-year-old woman from Rockville, Maryland this past Wednesday evening after attempting to use counterfeit tickets at Funland, police said. Police identified the woman on Friday as Marilyn Hammerman.

Image courtesy RBPD

Hammerman, police said, was in possession of approximately 20 fraudulent tickets and was arrested and charged later Wednesday evening following an investigation into the allegations. She has beenĀ  charged with theft of services under $1500, a misdemeanor, and was released on a $100 unsecured bail.

In a statement provided by Christopher Darr, Funland personnel manager, it says an employee was handed the counterfeit Funland tickets at the bumper cars. “The employee notified a family member, who then spoke with the individuals in possession of the counterfeit tickets. One female in the group stated that she received the tickets from her adult son earlier this year but refused to provide Funland with her son’s contact information for further inquiry. She was then asked if she would be more comfortable providing her son’s contact information to the police. She agreed and the police were notified. When the police arrived, they collected contact information and placed a call to the woman’s son. Her son stated via phone that he had not provided the counterfeit tickets to his mother and knew nothing about the situation.”

“Despite the quality of the counterfeits,” the statement reads, “our employees were able to immediately recognize them as fake. Funland employees handle large quantities of tickets every day and moved swiftly when discrepancies in appearance and quality were detected with the counterfeit tickets. We were impressed with our staff for their attentiveness and quick response in alerting a family member,” the statement reads.

“For more than 56 years,” the statement continues, “our Funland family has taken great pride in the value we offer our loyal customers. Every day, we strive to carry on the tradition of affordable fun for the Rehoboth Beach community. Counterfeiting tickets is not only illegal, but it undermines our ongoing mission to offer great family fun at a reasonable price, to provide ‘today’s fun at yesterday’s prices.’ When faced with a counterfeit situation, Funland is committed to pursuing those responsible, for both the good of our business and the continued satisfaction of our customers.”