Archeological discovery in West Rehoboth sheds light on Delaware’s colonization


An archeological discovery unveiled yesterday; the well-preserved remains of 11 people from a burial site in West Rehoboth dating back to the 1600s, are shedding new light on the colonization of Delaware.

Archeologists discovered the remains in 2012; subsequent DNA tests found 8 of the people were European descent, and 3, including a child, were of African descent, which are now the earliest known remains of slaves in Delaware. The cemetery was on the grounds of the plantation of John Avery, who served as a Judge in Lewes as the colony transferred from Dutch to English rule.

The remains will not be displayed, as its against Delaware state law. They are custody of The Smithsonian, which conducted the dig, the organization plans on continuing work tracing the history of the Chesapeake region