Bicyclists Injured In Crashes


BICYCLIST SERIOUSLY INJURED IN CRASH, FLOWN TO TRAUMA CENTER— A 50-year-old male bicyclist was seriously injured just before 8 p.m. Sunday after he was initially reported as unresponsive after getting struck by a vehicle on Fenwick Island Shoals Boulevard near Bills Pizza, just west of Fenwick. The man was flown to Christiana Hospital with a possible head injury.

In another incident, MAN RESCUED AFTER RIDING BIKE OFF PIER— A 77-year-old man had to be rescued after he fell head-first off a bicycle from a pier and into Pebble Creek around 11 a.m. Sunday. That is off Baywinds Court in the Dagsboro area. He was stuck in the mud and rescuers spent about 30 minutes getting him safely removed. He was taken to Beebe Hospital complaining of back pain.

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