Bobby Three Sticks


Louis Freeh, who replaced Wm. Sessions after Bill Clinton fired him one day before Vince Foster was found shot dead, left office as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the first summer of Geo. W. Bush’s presidency.  The president nominated a former officer of U.S. Marines, assistant U.S. attorney in several jurisdictions and litigator at prominent law firms, Robert S. Mueller III.

I remember reading a lengthy article in Time in the summer of 2001 about XLIII’s nominee for director.  The article said that, while senior litigator for murder cases in the District of Columbia U.S. attorney’s office, he relished answering the office phone with, “Homicide…Mueller.”  It also claimed that, earlier in his career, colleagues called him “Bobby three-sticks”.  Sworn in on the Tuesday before the September 11th attacks, he served as the 6thDirector of the Federal Bureau of Investigation for exactly 12 years, 2 years longer than allowed by law under a special U.S. Senate waiver.  James Comey was sworn in September 4th, 2013.

On Wednesday, Mueller was named special prosecutor to investigate alleged Russian activity during the 2016 campaign and election.  The overarching question is simply, “Why?”

It would be quite difficult to name a person with major career leadership status in the U.S. government who is more respected, and whose competence and integrity is more unquestionable, than Robert Mueller.  Only J. Edgar Hoover held the office, which he called the “seat of government”, longer than Mueller.  A former official was reported to have said that Mueller was, “A good man for a bad job.” Or something like that.

As soon as President Trump (The left despises that phrase, so let’s use it as much as possible.) was sworn in, the left went utterly apoplectic about his actions, statements and conduct on every level. They remain hysterical to this day. There is now sufficient reason to suspect that Seth Rich, the late DNC staffer, communicated electronically with WikiLeaks, which would appear to bolster Russian statements denying their culpability.  It might also explain why he was shot to death, on a Northeast DC street near his home, early on the morning of last July 10th, and the police still haven’t developed a suspect or motive.  He wasn’t robbed. Break it up folks; move it along; nothing to see here.  But, I digress.

Since Attorney General Sessions recused himself from the “Russian interference” investigation, Acting A.G. Rod Rosenstein had the authority to appoint a special prosecutor.  Ultimately, this is a public relations action; Democrats, who, inexplicably, still run Congress’ agenda, did so much whining (The term “Democrats” comprises Democrat party members and 90% of the national press corps.) one might presume that the acting A.G. knew that appointing Mueller would calm everybody down, which it might.  Unless Mueller finds no criminal wrongdoing and no meaningful “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Russia, which is the most likely outcome, in which case the gnashing of teeth will begin again, only more stridently.

This, of course, does not pretend to be an actual investigation into actual criminal conduct, like Whitewater. It’s strictly a political, not criminal, maneuver.  Which explains why Fast And Furious, the IRS, wiretapping and Benghazi should have had special counsels appointed, but didn’t.  Unlike the GOP, the Democrats never budge, they never back down, they never compromise, they never quit.  Maybe Congressional Republicans should try being the same way for a change.




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