Carney Adding Funds To CO’s At Smyrna


After more than a month has passed since the Smyrna prison incident, Governor John Carney has announced he is taking steps to address security problems. Carney is investing more than $340,000 in new security and communications equipment for better correctional officers’ response times and to prevent more violent crimes. He is also proposing another $1.2 million for equipment in his Fiscal Year 2018 budget- which comes out March 23. In that budget, Carney wants money allotted for 50 more correctional officers at Vaughn and 25 more at the Baylor Women’s facility- a total cost of $2.3 million. He wants to look into raising starting salaries as well, so the state can keep these new officers. Carney will also add specialized security teams who will do random security sweeps at Vaughn.