Children with realistic BB gun arrested in Laurel


In Laurel, police arrested juveniles who were running amok with a fake Colt .45 handgun. On Tuesday evening around 6 PM Laurel Police responded to a call near Market Street and Railroad Avenue, where they found a woman who said she was threatened by three kids with a handgun.

Officers searched the surrounding area, locating the trio, who took off running. After corralling the bunch, officers discovered one of the children, who was 10 years old, had a black BB gun made to replicate a colt-style semi-automatic handgun tucked into his waist band with the butt exposed.

All three were booked for resisting arrest, and the child who had the BB gun was charged with aggravated menacing, terroristic threatening, and possession of a concealed dangerous instrument as well. The juveniles were then released to their parents pending a hearing in Family Court.