‘Coalition for Delaware’s Kids’ asks state for $55 million in excess tax revenues


A coalition of Delaware politicians, non-profits, and child advocates gathered Tuesday morning in Wilmington to announce a coordinated effort to get the State to spend this year’s excess tax revenues on low-income children. The group, including Delaware Attorney General and state chapter of the NAACP is branding itself as the “Coalition for Delaware’s Kids”. They will request Governor Carney and the General Assembly take $55 million in unexpected tax revenues and place it in a trust to be spent on low income children over the next 4 years. Proponents say the spending plan is fiscally conservative and focused, since it spreads out spending over 4 years instead of all at once. The proposal calls for home visitation programs, expanding pre-K and after-school programs for low-income students, as well as creating a recovery high school for students struggling with substance abuse.