UPDATED: Comcast Landline Service Outage Resolved


Image courtesy of Down Detector

UPDATED – FRIDAY – According to the DownDetector – the issues with Comcast landline phone service has been resolved.

From Comcast Business Twitter – Outage Update:   Thank you for your continued patience. Our engineers identified the issue and have restored services for our customers. If you are experiencing any issues, please let us know.


Comcast began having phone trouble nationwide on Wednesday however, the problems still haven’t been remedied to many on Thursday. While cities across the country from San Francisco to New York have been affected – service is slowly being restored. CNET is reporting that many small businesses are taking to social media to tweet that they can’t take calls.

Comcast tweeted that “a small group continues to see issues” and suggests that customers reset their voice modems to try to fix it. Comcast tells CNET that only its Xfinity Voice landline phone service is affected, not internet services. Some people are reporting that their Comcast internet is down as well, but others report it’s working just fine.

Milton Police were experiencing a phone outage on Wednesday – if you cannot get through – they ask that if you are in need of an Officer please call SUSCOM at 855-2980.






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