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Larry Hogan on the Bill Colley Show

Nov 18, 2013 -- 1:10pm

Larry Hogan on the Bill Colley Show


Larry Hogan A -

Larry Hogan B -

Larry Hogan C -

Football Goes Incognito

Nov 12, 2013 -- 1:38pm

Maybe they could put Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin in evening gowns and have them talk about ending world hunger.  Instead I hear Incognito was spotted giving Bob Costas a wedgie.  Even if you aren’t a sports fan you may have by now watched or listened to a story about the supposedly feuding Miami Dolphins linemen.  Oddly some stories I’ve read maintain teammates of the two men are mystified with some players insisting the two were very close.  Martin walked away from the club claiming he was being harassed by Incognito and now the latter is, for the moment, off the team.

Richie Incognito is a very good football player and while it’s reported he has a checkered history it seems most of the men who play alongside him don’t have any issues.  I saw a TV clip with Incognito last night and he also comes across as articulate (which may not mean intelligent and since public school graduates are reading this it may need to be explained.) 

Many of the recent public relations issues for the National Football League (if these are really serious issues at all) would appear amplified by the leadership of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  The Commissioner is a football man in the sense he has been hanging around the office a long time.  Since college when his politically connected father got him an internship at the league office.  The elder Goodell was a liberal Republican from Western New York State anointed by Nelson Rockefeller to run for U.S. Senate.  Goodell was humiliated at the polls and a Conservative Party candidate was elected Senator. 

Young Roger’s job is to increase profits for football.  He talks about placing teams in Europe and Asia but would also like to interest more women in the game.  A game where large men running at full speed collide with each other.  Had Goodell been in charge in the 1970s he likely would’ve insisted Jack Lambert wear his teeth on the field.  Lest some young damsel be overcome from fear with the vapors. 

I can’t speak about the NFL as anything more than a weekly observer.  I’m enthralled by the game but I haven’t had a helmet strapped to my head since high school.  I was a mediocre athlete at best but thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere of riding the team bus and the shenanigans at practice and in the locker room.  There were older players on the team and they weren’t always nice and there is definitely a pecking order in football.  The guy running the offense is at the top and the fellows protecting him for a long time are regarded with respect as elders. 

I can tell you that during football season my arms were bruised from shoulders to fingertips and the fingertips were often pinched, cut and bloody.  Joints and muscles ached and my shins were often raw.  A coach once late in a game called a sweep with the goal to round to the sideline and take out the opposing mentor.  All of these things are magnified exponentially in the college ranks and then even more so in the professional ranks.  Football isn’t a pageant or ballet.  It’s about winning and clawing your way to victory.  Goodell should know better but he has spent his adult life sipping expensive Cabernet while his market guzzles Yuengling and Natty Boh. 


Somewhere in a box I haven’t opened in decades is a trophy.  I got it for playing what is generally called Pop Warner Football in most parts of the country.  We had a pretty good team and we tied for second in the regular season standings.  Two teams played for the championship and our ball club didn’t make the cut.  We lost second place on a tie-breaking formula.  Everybody on the team got a trophy for showing up to play.  I guess it was the beginning of the end.  The trophy is buried in a box because I didn’t do anything special and as a team we didn’t do anything special.  I’m sure I’m not alone in my thoughts.  Most of the now grown men on the team were disappointed in our performance.  We were supposed to go all the way!  We didn’t.  So you tough it out and get up the next morning and vow to be better.  If someone comes along and gives you a kick in the ass to get you there you should be thankful.  Or at least it was once the story.  The people in large American institutions define success only in terms of profit.  The tough guys once making it possible are no longer in demand.  It’s a system doomed to failure.  

Republicans and Teats on a Boar Hog

Oct 30, 2013 -- 12:53pm

My state’s Republican establishment fears prayer.  True story!  The vice chairwoman of our state party attends my church.  For a brief period during spring she was acting Chair of the Delaware GOP when the previous chairman resigned.  At a statewide meeting she opened the evening with a summons for prayer.  Many in the room began looking at each other as if they were hearing a foreign language.  She did ask them in English, albeit.  The woman is a native of Chile and a corollary will follow. 

The call to prayer was a tense one.  As the words began she explained many in the room were hopelessly lost.  During her brief time running the party she also appointed a chaplain.  A woman of color with a doctoral degree as well as being a preacher was given the nod.  When a new chairman was eventually elected he insisted the chaplain only represented one county in the state and there weren’t any longer needs for prayers at the state level.  Are there Republicans afraid they’ll melt like the witch in the Wizard of Oz if someone mentions God? 

The new state chairman made an appearance on our radio station some weeks ago.  He explained he would unite the party on areas of agreement.  A pro-business agenda (he’s a du Pont descendent) and arguments for lower taxes and regulations.  Since his silver-spoon friends and relatives aren’t interested in how they’ll someday answer the Almighty the party won’t address social issues!  In other words, just because it may be of importance for you it’s not for them and therefore doesn’t matter. 

The empire strikes back.  These are the same people angry they lost control of the party in 2010.  When they regained control last year they dredged up some warmed over second-string liberals and ran them for public office.  The vote totals were far worse than 2010, although.  The new chair believes candidates getting only a quarter of all votes cast statewide are more attractive to minorities.  When his whining blue-blood friends refused to support the 2010 slate it garnered more than 4 of every ten votes cast.  You do the math!  It reminds me of a story I once heard about the sporting enthusiast Charles O. Finley.  He was granted an NHL franchise in predominantly black Oakland and promptly drove it into the ground.  One of his peers was disgusted by Finley’s minority outreach, telling a reporter, “He thinks outreach is dropping off a truckload of watermelons at an all-black high school!”  Finley’s fellow owners thought him incredibly clueless about neighborhoods where he never, ever visited. 

Nellie is the name of our Chilean born Vice-Chairwoman of the Delaware Republican Party.  She’s fluent in Spanish for obvious reasons and as a woman is also even in 2013 in a rare position of influence.  Now the party plans to hire a Spanish speaking director of Latino Outreach.  Nellie wasn’t considered.  She would’ve done the job as a volunteer. 

Here’s a little Spanish invention on my part:  El Creepo!  It very well describes the out-of-touch and narrow minded chaff now in control of the party’s destiny.  Their interests come first.  The rank-and-file are second.  If the two don’t match then your interests are irrelevant.  They’ll wave a picture of Reagan and often invoke his name and expect you’ll have the usual Pavlovian response.  As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago there are even folks at the local levels swayed by having their bellies rubbed. 

And the Grand Old Party is as useless at teats on a boar hog.  

Strike, Spares and Misses!

Oct 29, 2013 -- 6:07pm

Liberals, Cathars & Ecclesiastes

Oct 29, 2013 -- 12:18pm

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

In a previous column I mentioned something known as the Albigensian Heresy. It caught the attention of a lawyer friend. She teaches history at a college in New Jersey and she commented it’s pretty much now a forgotten bit of how our past unfolded. Almost 900 years ago a strain of thought perhaps originally from the Asian Steppe made its way into Southern Central Europe. The followers of a movement springing from this heresy were known as Cathars. Among their beliefs were that the human corpse was an evil shell imprisoning the soul. The combination of corpse and soul are known in Christian tradition as the body. The former is of the temporal world and the latter belongs to the Kingdom of God. To boil down a very long story the Cathars, many headquartered in Albi (Albigensian Heresy) began recommending people commit suicide and free their souls.

Now you can imagine the end game if this caught on with the general public. The Pope sent an envoy and hoped for a settlement. The Cathars instead “freed” the envoy’s soul. The Pope wasn’t pleased. He asked French nobility for help. Always desiring new lands and greater wealth the nobility were happy to oblige. Many Cathars were as well “freed” and much to the chagrin of the Bishop of Rome often in the gruesome styles of the era.

Flash forward 900 years. Did any of you ever read about Peter Singer? He’s a liberal academic and from what I read likely devoid of any belief in souls. Yet he shares something with the Cathars. He believes the shells we’re all walking around in are loathsome and a threat to Gaia, that is, Mother Earth. As the following link shows it was just a few short years ago when he was recommending we all jump off cliffs or quietly surrender our gonads:


Many will joke lefties didn’t have any stones to begin with, however. This modern day heretic was given space by the bible of American self-loathing liberalism, the New York Times. The same paper last year denied the Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, an opportunity to share his thoughts and opposition to Obamacare. The current executive editor of the Times is a woman named Jill Abramson. Upon learning she got the job she issued a statement praising the Times, saying in her home while growing up the paper had supplanted faith. Abramson’s crowd very much runs the country early in the 21st Century. And by their definition not A.D. but C.E. for Common Era. Just common.

Today there are myriad ways to save people from being encased in evil. Some are rescued before birth by having a doctor tear apart their evil appendages while still in a womb. Others are being told a panel of doctors will decide their fate if they’re stricken with cancer, have an expensive prescription or just have the misfortune of growing old. Or in the view of Peter Singer living a long life is a sin against Mother Nature. It never strikes the man some might consider him a freak of nature.

Have you noticed how these people react to criticism? They’ve established attack machines. Think the infamous “War Room” of past and future Clinton campaigns.

Catharism appears not only revived but triumphant. The Church and now churches appear marginalized and may well have participated through internal scandals in their own demise. The nobles were purchased with seats on Wall Street and K Street. Is there finally something new under the sun? Or is the sun about to fall from the sky?    

'Nuff Said

Oct 28, 2013 -- 2:23pm

The Press and Pope Obama

Oct 28, 2013 -- 12:41pm

While contemplating Lollardry and the Albigensian Heresy some mornings before sunrise I still manage some exercise. Silly I planned to sleep later after shifting from morning radio to throwing lightning bolts weekday afternoons. Then I got a dog. I wake at roughly 5:00 o’clock and sometimes earlier. I feed his enemies, the two cats, and then take him for a lengthy walk. Generally for an hour, sometimes more and then we come home for breakfast. I brew coffee and frequently start writing. On Sundays I often consider matters of faith. I studied the above heresies many, many years ago and in the 21st Century most people find them strange controversies and I suspect quite silly and a waste of time. Of course commitments to faith aren’t what they were only 30 years ago.

Media, entertainment and academia are convinced God is a member of America’s Democrat Party. A couple of weeks ago I was pecking away at the keyboard on a lovely Sunday morning and listening to Lon Solomon on the radio. The Pastor of McLean Bible Church was explaining he works out at a Washington area gym where he’s known as “The Chaplain.” Mostly the other exercise enthusiasts stay away from the preacher but one day a man approached. He wanted to come to church because he believed his life needed “religion” and he figured the rules at Mclean Bible would offer structure. Pastor Solomon explained his church didn’t do religion but personal relationships with God. As the conversation unfolded Solomon quoted John 14:6. The man was suddenly appalled. “That’s exclusionary!” he shouted. Herein lays the divide between the traditional and the modern. It isn’t that Christians are looking to establish a theocracy but their Lord is on record saying there are no other alternatives. He has said so. To reject His instruction is to reject God and His kingdom. The Democrats either think he was joshing or misquoted or mean-spirited! If you think being exclusionary is nasty consider God’s wrath against a man named Achan. You don’t put your hands on the Lord’s treasure when you’re spiritually beyond the pale.

So we’ve got a modern media attempting a high wire act. They’ve boiled the message down to being nice to everybody (don’t say Redskins, everyone can marry any object of their desire, seize all firearms and Zoroastrianism is another equal path to salvation.) This is embodied in the Democrat and liberal Pope Barack Hussein Obama I.

This morning before sunrise Sampson was watering shrubs and flushing rabbits and in the distance I could hear an owl hooting. The sky was clear and the stars were twinkling and the air was calm. A welcome relief after yesterday’s chill and gusting winds and I found myself thinking. About my future. About Suzanne’s future. About the future of everyone and everything around me. The people with the largest communication apparatuses are colluding with power. A power so great it could rain fire from the sky. I’m not saying the powerful man has any such intentions but I’m reminded of a story from European history. A fellow called my co-worker, Jim Rash, on-air Thursday and referenced Robespierre. The French revolutionary had good intentions and was opposed to the death penalty as his faction took power. Then the man changed. People didn’t respond as the books written by the great philosophers of his age predicted. When his fellow “citizens” didn’t follow his ideals or perform as he expected he lopped off their heads. A handbill of the time depicts Robespierre guillotining his last surviving countryman. Which tells us the media of his day had discovered resistance and despite sharing many of the leaders beliefs had resumed an adversarial role? Robespierre soon fell and the terror ended.

A couple of weeks ago a young unarmed mother was gunned down by government police in Washington. Her child was just a couple of feet away. The cover story was the woman was just plain bats and a threat to Western Civilization. There were about 48 hours of headlines and then the media resumed its attacks on the Christian Ted Cruz. Obamacare is potentially the greatest domestic policy blunder in American history and there are fingers pointed, although. Mainly at Kathleen Sebelius and not at her master, the man wiling away his nights listening to the intimate conversations of his peers.

The moral relativism settling over much of the Western World has laid us low. The watchdogs can’t tell right-from-wrong. Like my dog chasing a treat they follow the polished rhetoric of a President and wag their pens.

I’m not out in any form to disparage what many other people believe. I just don’t share their worldview. We all made our choices. There is still time for most to alter their approach. Our Western traditions still beckon and offer absolutes. Otherwise we’re just culturally whistling past the graveyard.   

Ken Cuccinelli Must Win

Oct 25, 2013 -- 1:20pm

Come Election Day Ken Cuccinelli may blow a kiss at Barack Obama.  For the political initiates Cuccinelli is involved in a race that may be the leading indicator for elections in 2014 and 2016.  The man is the Republican candidate for Governor in increasingly blue Virginia.  His opponent is former Clinton sidekick and Democrat Terry McAuliffe.  The Democrat has the grin of a snake oil salesman and a history of shady business dealings.  Cuccinelli, the Old Dominion’s Attorney General, has fought against human trafficking and challenged Obamacare and, yet.  Establishment media portrays him as a misogynist and the Washington Post weeks ago endorsed McAuliffe.  Just last Sunday the Post savaged the Republican in a piece featuring angry Virginia voters and their reluctance to respect Cuccinelli for having a moral compass.  Apparently a lack of any real values is now preferred in government.


The same edition of the Post was filled with editorial page ranting explaining the Republican Party was a spent force following the government slowdown (aside from some World War Two veterans being hassled by Park Police did you notice an actual shutdown?)  The Republican establishment joined the left and the boys and girls at the Post in denouncing Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee.  The three Republican U.S. Senators most resemble the Cuccinelli brand of politics.  And now a funny thing has happened on the road to McAuliffe’s coronation. 

Bill and Hillary Clinton have arrived in Virginia to bolster the Democrat candidate and his image.  The Clintons are the grandparents of what we know as Obamacare.  The Affordable Care Act as Obamacare is known is worse than the usual train wreck reference.  It might be the greatest domestic political blunder in 150 years!  This week a reporter from NPR asked a question of the White House Press Secretary I never expected.  She asked why there weren’t regular disaster briefings!  You know, the kind following earthquakes and Category 5 hurricanes.  Over at the Clinton News Network (CNN) a smattering of viewers were treated to this:


Somewhere there are people telling me gloating is a sin.  There are people angry and frustrated and hundreds of thousands of my countrymen are losing their health insurance, however.  Don’t you see the possibilities?  This morning I woke and found the following link in my e-mail:


For the first time in months I believe, despite the Wall Street cash and media megalith behind McAuliffe, the Republican is going to win in Virginia!  Cuccinelli is too polite to say, “I told you so!”  I’m not.  The Republican establishment still isn’t offering any assistance to the Cuccinelli effort and if the elites continue spurning the truth and light then it will be fitting if the GOP follows the Whig Party into oblivion.  There is opportunity here writ large.  The Democrats and media have been leading us into hell.  The Republican back-room crowd has gone along for the ride and even done some of the overnight driving.

It’s time for them to fall off the truck. 

Speaking of trucks, a regular caller to my radio show is a trucker.  He took the work after 27 years in the U.S. military.  I know him as a man of action.  A good portion of his service time was spent in special operations.  He can smell crisis and is absolutely fearless.  He told me a few days ago there isn’t any time left.  “Existential threat” is current Washington and media buzzwords.  The way the caller views it, and I agree, is we’ve got a matter of weeks to get it right.  Not months and sure as heck not years. 

The future of the entire Republic will be determined in just a matter of days in Virginia.

Bob Costas v. Rush Limbaugh: The Real Racist

Oct 23, 2013 -- 5:27pm

Apparently American Indians are too stupid to realize they’re being insulted.  It’s a conclusion Little Bobby Costas of NBC Sports wants you to follow.  Costas’ instruction for the masses unfolded Sunday night (a holy day for many American sports fans) when he decided once again to impersonate his former Sunday Night Football colleague Keith Olbermann.  The Washington Redskins were in Dallas facing the Cowboys and reviving a storied rivalry.  Little Bobby suddenly decided it was high-time to reveal the Redskins name makes him convulse and shrivel like a garden slug coated in Morton’s Salt.  A link is just below:


The part I find most astounding is the admission polling results show most Americans with indigenous ancestors aren’t nearly as offended as Little Bobby.  Is he suggesting they aren’t quite as sharp as the slightly above average (and we aren’t talking average height) sportscaster?  Then Costas must be a racist and a bigot!  This Redskins racial slur business is a liberal invention and it angers them it isn’t selling as easily as most leftist canards in an era when their fellow travelers control most major media.  Now Costas from what I understand is also a New York Yankee baseball fan.  He often waxes nostalgically about his time as a boy when his father took him down on the field (today the old geezer would be arrested) at old Yankee Stadium.  You want a slur?  Yankee or Yankees has a bigoted pedigree from the days of the American Revolution. 

As Costas was explaining North America’s aboriginal peoples were cranially challenged for failing to recognize the truth according to Little Bobby it reminded me of another football controversy.  Remember Rush Limbaugh and Donovan McNabb?  Two links immediately below will assist you:



Listening to Limbaugh talking (and he was far less political covering football than Olbermann and Costas) you wonder what was the entire hubbub.  Did he use the dreaded “N word” or imply Donovan McNabb wasn’t very bright because McNabb was a person-of-color?  Nope.  Limbaugh explained a great many writers in sports media desperately wanted McNabb to succeed for their own narratives.  Even a person of color on the set with Rush, Tom Jackson, agreed.  I’ve re-read Limbaugh’s exact quote on my own radio show on several occasions and lefties still scream the words are racist.  Or it isn’t what they remember…  It isn’t what they remember because the media echo chamber has been selling another story.  A lie, if you will.  It reminds me of the liberals telephoning my program and screaming Sarah Palin once said she could see Russia from her house in Alaska.  When I remind them Palin never made such a comment (it was a comedian named Tina Fey impersonating the Governor) the liberal response is to shout even louder in hopes of drowning out my voice.  Strange people when you consider as the host I control their volume!  Palin did accurately say there are parts of Alaska where on clear days you can see Russia.  If a lefty would examine a map or globe or would the effort strain already overtaxed minds? 

Recently I’ve been telling people arguing over the name of a Washington football team could well be the liberal Waterloo.  People are beginning to giggle over the hyperventilation from little men in sport coats resting atop a stack of old telephone directories so as to see eye-to-eye with a camera.  Another segment of media is warning the sky will fall if in another part of Washington the national credit card can’t be run-up another trillion dollars.  Football fans long criticized by liberals and academics as being escapist are now joined in an effort at distraction.  If China calls our government’s note do you seriously believe the name of a football team will be anyone’s primary concern?

In my old neighborhood guys like Costas had a nickname perhaps more in common with the origins of the name currently used by the American League baseball team in New York.  It strikes me there are certain practices with which people shouldn’t be engaged as the world comes crumbling down.  

Halloween Fright

Oct 23, 2013 -- 5:16pm

My friend, Lt. Colonel Steve Hyle, dropped me a line about his grandchildren's school in Ohio.  This is the e-mail message from his daughter-in-law:


Taken from an email from Ash and Logan's school...am I the only one who believes that they've made the Halloween Party so PC that it's no longer any fun?!

"In regard to costumes, we would like to recommend that you and your child select costumes for our harvest parties that are non-violent. Weapons or extremely bloody costumes are not acceptable for our school parties. Additionally, we are asking that costumes not require the use of hairsprays or hair paints. Ideas for costumes may include cartoon characters, book characters, famous people, community service personnel such as firefighters, police officers, nurses, or other similar costumes. Please remember that the students should be able to dress themselves.

Room parents should speak with the classroom teacher prior to the party to arrange a simple treat and game for the half hour celebration. Teachers will be able to help parent volunteers determine activities appropriate for the age level of the students. Highly active games are discouraged so that classroom management may be maintained. Please do not bring hard candy or balloons for the children because both pose a safety risk."


You be the judge!

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