DE Jumps 21 Slots in National Wellness Ranking

Mar 01, 2013 -- 5:01am

Delaware advanced 21 slots on the national Gallup Healthways Well-being Index from ranking 47 in 2011 to 26 in 2012.

The state rankings are based upon the 1,000 phone interviews in which respondents were asked about their emotional and physical health, work environment, healthy behavior, life evaluation, and access to basic needs like food, shelter, healthcare, and a safe and satisfying place to live. 

Many states’ rankings remained consistent with previous years but Delaware was among a few states with a significant change. According to the data from the report, Delaware’s rankings advanced so dramatically because citizens reported improvements across all measures, with particularly big improvements in life evaluation and emotional health. There were also encouraging increases in physical health, healthy behaviors, work environment, and basic access to food, shelter and health care.


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