UPDATE: Highway One Businesses Filed Class-Action Suit Against Dewey Beach Over Licensing Fees

Mar 01, 2013 -- 4:53pm

WGMD News has learned that the 6 businesses that have filed a class-action lawsuit against the town of Dewey Beach are part of the Highway One group.
The businesses that have filed in the class-action lawsuit include The Rusty Rudder, The Bottle & Cork, Northbeach, Jimmy's Grille and Dewey Beach Liquors.

The businesses claim in the suit that Dewey Beach's business licensing fees that have been levied on them since 2007 are excessive and discriminatory, and are illegal taxes. They businesses are seeking to have the fees declared illegal and null and void, and to have the town government refund the license fees they've paidsince 2007, plus interest and court costs. They're also seeking an injunction barring the town from collecting the fees in the future.

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