Nesting Boxes for Wood Ducks Available from Division of Fish and Wildlife

Mar 29, 2013 -- 5:58am

The Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife is offering wood duck nesting boxes available for sale to the public for a discounted price of $30. The boxes are made of low-maintenance, easy-to-clean plastic.

Wildlife staff maintains approximately 350 wood duck boxes on state wildlife areas, and has found no difference between wood and plastic boxes in terms of nesting success or preference of use by wood ducks and other species. To attract wood ducks, and avoid competition from other species, the ideal location for wood duck boxes is in wooded areas or forested wetlands installed at least six feet above the ground on predator-proof poles.

Sussex County residents can purchase the boxes by calling 539.3160; Kent County residents should call 284.1077 and New Castle residents can call 834.8433.


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