Senator Lavelle Issues Statement Regarding House Speaker Schwartzkopf's Comments About Double Dipping

Mar 29, 2013 -- 6:19am

Senate Republican Whip Greg Lavelle says facts in the Wilmington News Journal attributed to Democratic Speaker of the House Pete Schwartzkopf regarding Republican support for a “double-dipping” bill in the 146th General Assembly are untrue.

The comments appeared in an article reporting on a package of government reform bills introduced Wednesday by House and Senate Republicans. In the article, Speaker Schwartzkopf reacts to a proposed bill that would bar legislators from seeking state employment after being elected.


The following excerpt appeared in the article:

“In the last legislative session, Schwartzkopf authored a bill to prevent lawmakers from taking state jobs, but it never made it to the floor because it didn’t have enough support among Republicans to pass, the speaker said.”

Sen. Lavelle, who is serving his first term in the Senate after 12 years in the House, released the following statement:

“Representative Schwartzkopf is suggesting the reason the double-dipping bill didn’t pass is because he didn’t have enough Republican support for it. I told them on multiple occasions we had all 15 Republican votes.  If you add the two Democratic sponsors, Schwartzkopf and Robert Gilligan, the House Speaker at the time, you’re up to 17. They needed to deliver four more votes out of 24 members to pass the double-dipping bill and they never brought it to the floor. And now to blame us, it’s insulting at best and an effort to mislead the public at worst.”


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