The Great Cause That Makes All Other Great Causes Possible

Apr 14, 2013 -- 9:48am

Here's the article by Sharon Harris, President of The Advocates for Self-Government, from The Liberator Online I told you about last Monday.

 The Great Cause That Makes All Other Great Causes Possible 
When I think about why I am a libertarian, this phrase frequently comes to mind: Liberty is the great Cause that makes all other great causes possible.
Liberty makes possible virtually all the good things in our lives. For only liberty creates the abundance that allows people to move beyond merely struggling to survive, and lets them express their compassionate, caring, and creative sides.
Liberty brings with it peace, abundance, charity, art, travel, creativity, tolerance, and the opportunity to pursue happiness.
Think of any great charitable cause -- feeding and clothing the hungry, eradicating poverty, expanding education, funding the arts, medical research, caring for neglected animals, protecting the environment, following personal spiritual pursuits -- and you will immediately realize that only personal and economic liberty makes it possible.
Where liberty is lacking, there is poverty, sickness, violence, tyranny, misery. Where there is liberty, there is abundance, harmony and the opportunity for happiness.
Liberty is literally a matter of life and death for the people of the world. For the world itself. 
As libertarians we are not only helping to set the world free, we are creating the conditions for a truly humane, harmonious, and abundant world to grow and flourish.

You can be proud of the work you do for liberty.

The Advocates exists to help libertarians be successful at spreading the precious ideas of liberty.

'Nuff said.


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