UPDATE: Misfits Scooter Club Holds Park-In to Protest Rehoboth Scooter Ordinance

May 25, 2013 -- 1:32pm

Around 70 to 80 scooter owners occupied prime parking spots on Rehoboth Avenue between 1st Street and the Boardwalk as part of the Misfits Scooter Club's park-in to protest Rehoboth Beach's new scooter and moped ordinance that went into effect this weekend.

Ken Hensley of the Misfits, who organized the protest, says the goal was to raise awareness about the issue of scooter parking in Rehoboth. Hensley says instead of solving the problem of parking for scooters, the Board of Commissioners has actually made it worse. He says the scooter parking corrals don't provide enough spots for scooters, and aren't conveniently located near the downtown business district.

Lawrence Myslewski, a Rehoboth Beach resident, has filed a federal lawsuit against the city's ordinance. He's claiming that the city is violating the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment because the ordinance requires residents to buy permits for their scooters, but not for other motorized vehicles like cars, trucks or motorcycles. Linda Kaufmann, a former executive director of the Allentown (PA) Parking Authority who was also at the protest, says that's like requiring cars of different colors or body styles to buy permits, but not others. Both feel confident of Myslewski's lawsuit succeeding in court.

The Misfits say they're planning to have another park-in to protest the ordinance during 4th of July weekend.

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