OHS & DE Police Continue Seat Belt Enforcement

Jul 19, 2013 -- 6:27am

Did you know that not everyone buckles up when they get into a vehicle?

Of the 29 vehicle occupants killed this year in Delaware, 53-percent were not wearing a seat belt. That’s one of many reasons the Office of Highway Safety along with officers from participating State, County and municipal law enforcement agencies are continuing to enforce Delaware’s seat belt law; dedicated overtime patrols start July 21 and run through August 8.

The high visibility enforcement and public awareness campaign is aimed at saving lives by encouraging more people to wear their seat belts.  Enforcement will take place daily with much of the enforcement occurring in the afternoons and evenings when the majority of unrestrained injury and fatal crashes happen.

Delaware law requires the driver and all passengers, including those in the back seat, to wear a seat belt.  An officer can stop a driver if any person in the vehicle is not wearing a seat belt.

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