Gas Prices Down Slightly Even With Tensions In Middle East

Sep 08, 2013 -- 1:14pm

Tensions in the Middle East, including the possibility of U.S. military action in Syria, are keeping gas prices from falling as much.

Labor Day marked the end of a summer driving season that saw its third-highest average price ever, at $3.65 for the summer. Labor Day itself saw the fourth-highest national average price of regular unleaded for the holiday. This weekend, the national average for regular is $3.57 a gallon, down two cents from last week. In Delaware, regular is also down two cents to $3.55. In southern New Jersey, regular held steady at $3.48. On the Eastern Shore of Maryland, regular is averaging $3.44 a gallon, down more than four cents over the last week.

The unrest in the Arab World pushed gas prices up $2.88 a barrel, up to $110.53. AAA Mid-Atlantic says that pressure on oil prices is being offset by plentiful domestic supplies, lower demand and a relatively quiet Atlantic hurricane season.

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