Maryland Residents Who've Already Submitted Handgun Purchase Licenses Won't Have to Get Qualification License

Sep 25, 2013 -- 9:40am

Marylanders who’ve already submitted handgun purchase license applications on or before September 30 will not be required to obtain a handgun qualification license prior to submitting the purchase application as required under the new law scheduled to take effect on October 1.

The new law states that a handgun may not be sold, rented or transferred unless the purchaser, lessee or transferee has a valid handgun license. The Maryland State Police have announced that they will not enforce the requirements of the new law for any applicant who has an application pending as of October 1 due to the current backlog of applications from residents.

Anyone submitting purchase applications on or after October 1 will be required to have a current handgun qualification license in order for their purchase application to be considered.

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