A Response for a Sussex County Knutt

Oct 23, 2013 -- 1:45pm
Some Knutt recently posted at an establishment blog that I'm hiding behind an alias.  He's speaking about a site where I post under a name by which my closest friends and old schoolmates know me.  It's not like I'm hiding; hundreds of bumper stickers (get it!) with my name and a web address take you to the site.  The Knutt also suggests I'm a liar because I appeared at a pair of Conservative Caucus events as a master of ceremonies and, therefore, should've been aware a series of robo-calls were made by an organization using the same during a primary months later.  Said Knutt was at these same Conservative Caucus events as a volunteer.  As was "Butch" Elzey, Christian Hudson, Lynn Brannon and Matt Opaliski.  I guess they're also all liars?  
Frankie, stop falling in love with the guy in the mirror!  He isn't all that smart and he hasn't updated his wardrobe since the first Star Wars film debuted.  What follows is the blog that has him crying foul:
There’s a simple reason so many GOP leaders are losers.  You get out of it what you put into it!  Some months ago some fellows who consider themselves GOP heavyweights in Delaware took me out to lunch.  They were preparing to launch an Internet based media outlet designed to resemble a radio station.  Of course there are no transmitters and towers involved and the world now has another couple of people swooning over the words “new media.”  They spent 5 hours telling me how great it would be and dismissed any criticisms I voiced.  My head hurt after listening to their egos run amok.  They found a wealthy Rehoboth Beach conservative willing to bankroll the effort.  Why the fellow just didn’t buy a real radio station and couple it with a website is beyond me! 
The argument I kept hearing was the public no longer has the time for appointment radio and TV and now everyone wants it on demand.  Considering their plans resembled the inane and boring Sunday morning news gabfests you can now get inanity on demand.  The platform launched some months ago.  Haven’t heard a peep since.  If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it does it make a sound?  Judging by the constant applications I receive from Internet hosts looking for work in terrestrial radio then I suspect there are still a few wrinkles the irons need to smooth. 
The effort at Republican radio also includes writings by aspiring GOP social climbers.  While I know a great many people who’ve been successful in life without schooling I’m not sure having a fellow bragging while blogging about his lack of education is a winning formula.  The same fellow accused me last fall of being behind a series of robo-calls attacking a liberal running in a primary as a Republican.  At the time I had been rebuilding a radio station and often hosting as many as 3 shows a day.  As if on weekends I then telephoned area voters and frightened them with tales of the dark side?  When I pointed out my accuser had been involved with an organization with the same name behind the telephone calls Mr. Petulance never spoke to me again, although.  He slanders me at every opportunity.   
The guy is now a local GOP committee leader.  From my perch the party is filled with a great many men and women such as him.  He’s been flattered by the elites and they’ve promised him rewards for serving the party if not his community and country.  Think about a party structure like the one I’m describing.  What you see in Dover, Annapolis, Richmond and Washington is based on the pyramid structure.  The fellows at the top came in most instances originally from somewhere at the bottom.  They succeed not on merit but by applying their lips to the posteriors of men resembling John Boehner. 
How do you think younger Americans react to this system?  A few years ago a close friend here in Delaware ran for Congress on the Libertarian line.  A Republican explained the L in Libertarian stood for loser.  It may well have been the case a few years ago but the tide is becoming apparent.  The younger folks believe increasingly in success based on merit.
This morning I was reading Daniel Henninger’s Wonderland column in the Wall Street Journal.  He believes House Republicans failed in Washington because they failed in messaging:
If I could paraphrase a famous axiom it’s the message and not the medium.  I don’t care how many wealthy benefactors are building radio studios to nowhere.  If the best you can do is recite 25 year old bromides about taxes being too high then you’re doomed to repeatedly fail. 
People know the system is gamed.  They also know the borrowing and spending binge can’t go on forever and if it goes on much longer they won’t get their cake much less eat it.  In the late 90s I was working in television news management and jetting off to week long consultant pow-wows.  The Internet was rising and cable was growing exponentially and we were looking to remain relevant.  Someone at one meeting complained all we were doing was frightening people.  15 years later and in hindsight I can tell you it worked for Barack Obama!  Twice. 
The GOP isn’t dead.  It’s just a large pachyderm gasping for breath at the graveyard.  I’m willing to consider a new party and a new brand.  

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