A Conservative Blank Check for Obama

Oct 23, 2013 -- 2:17pm

Adolf Hitler is dead but Ed Gillespie is evidence Hitler’s barber is alive.  Judging by Gillespie’s hair the barber is also a member of a trade union.  The former Chairman of the Republican National Committee, Gillespie, had a lengthy opinion piece in the Sunday Outlook section of the Washington Post.  It follows in the immediate link:


Two strains of thought on my part.  He’s right about messaging.  I read last week a similar commentary on the op/ed pages of another newspaper.  Where the former RNC Chairman loses me is his plea for a return to establishment politics in Washington.  Listen, I’ve heard this before.  After the destruction of Mike Castle’s liberal regime in Delaware three years ago the Republican bluebloods were being quoted as saying they needed to “take the car keys back from the kids!”  Last year they grabbed the wheel.  Their candidates in statewide elections fared about 15 percentage points lower than Christine O’Donnell and Glen Urquhart (he actually had a higher 2010 percentage than Christine.) 

The establishment took the car keys and climbed into the driver’s seat.  Of course they totaled the car some 10 to 15 years ago.  Gillespie is cut from the same cloth.  These people have never wanted the “rabble” to have a say in governance.  Boehner and McConnell give off a stench like a rotting skunk and now the conservative Beltway crowd is demanding they purge the government of so called Tea Party populists.  This morning I received my daily updates from the Washington Examiner.  Usually among my favorite reads today the Examiner regurgitated Gillespie.  Examples immediately follow:



You realize a great many of these young conservative Washington writers grew up in well-manicured neighborhoods and were sent to the snootiest colleges in America.  For fun as they stumbled home from off campus bars they pissed on the homeless people sleeping on grates.  Then they graduated and joined their blueblood predecessors in the Beltway milieu.    

I’m separated from the capital by a large body of water and a little more than 100 miles by road.  Saturday I drove through the place and the allure long ago wore away.  I just couldn’t wait to get from Route 395 to Route 50 and when I reached Kent Island I could breathe without the odor of dead skunks filling my nostrils.  I’m a real American.  Gillespie and the Gillespie wannabees…  I’m not at all sure.  I grew up in a rather cold portion of Northern Appalachia where people settled disputes with fists and rare leisure time was a night out at the bowling alley with a cold Genesee Cream Ale.  It’s how most of America still lives.  In urban settings they may have pursuits other than bowling and the brand of beer may have another name but most of my countrymen aren’t Ivy League assholes!  To paraphrase George Bailey blue collar Americans “do most of the living and dying in this country.”  They also carry the burden of the poorest as well as the load for all of government’s sweetheart corporate welfare scams. 

The Gillespie gang is right in assessing you can’t reach these people with words like sequester and debt ceilings, however.  The notion this is a problem for Ted Cruz is hogwash.  He speaks plain language.  On the other hand Boehner and McConnell are positively inept and they’re aided by men like Gillespie. 

There is a civil war among Republicans and conservatives (and these are two distinct categories.)  The leadership caved and now conservative Beltway media is colluding in order to disenfranchise the Cream Ale crowd.  Seriously, the establishment fears us and now isn’t the time to apologize and shrink away from the fight.  All real Americans can still count and realize 17 trillion dollars in debt is likely an insurmountable hurdle.  The Gillespie gang just offered a blank check.  

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