Still Blaming Christine O'Donnell

Oct 23, 2013 -- 4:36pm

I got one of those emails today from angry "moderate" Republicans still angry about my efforts three years ago in sending Mike Castle to defeat:


"I listen to WGMD most days at some point. I want to point out something to you about the Tea Party in Delaware. All I know of them is what I hear about in the media and on WGMD. A talk station that totally support them.  I think they go too far at times. For instance, you constantly criticize Mike Castle as not being a real Republican. How much of a Republican is Chris Coons? Castle is on record as voting Republican 86% of the time. How much will Coons vote Republican? Remember Mike Buckley said "vote for the republican who can win". Without your smothering support for Christine O'Donnell, Castle would be our Senator and probably Glenn Urquhart(?) would be our Representative. Sometimes you and WGMD are very misguided and too bad you are allowed to impart this misguidedness to the general public. Personally I'll take Castle over Coons any day. Bill "


The writer is a Bill also.  From Milford, Delaware.  My response follows:


"Bill. I've met a great many creeping-crawling snakes. Castle was certainly one of them and even GOP leaders admit he destroyed the state GOP to further his own aggrandizement. He's a tool of the elite in New Castle County and no friend of small government.


As for the 2010 candidates, their numbers were far higher than the dead weight the establishment named to the statewide GOP slate in 2012.


There were no guarantees Castle would win 3 years ago.  Even the Wilmington Daily Bolshevik reported his numbers were shrinking in every election cycle for a decade.  In other words, you lackeys that followed him like a pack of dogs did all of us a disservice."


I think we're dealing with people who blindly follow team colors and never consider what we stand for and where we're going.  Your opinions?

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