Bob Costas v. Rush Limbaugh: The Real Racist

Oct 23, 2013 -- 5:27pm

Apparently American Indians are too stupid to realize they’re being insulted.  It’s a conclusion Little Bobby Costas of NBC Sports wants you to follow.  Costas’ instruction for the masses unfolded Sunday night (a holy day for many American sports fans) when he decided once again to impersonate his former Sunday Night Football colleague Keith Olbermann.  The Washington Redskins were in Dallas facing the Cowboys and reviving a storied rivalry.  Little Bobby suddenly decided it was high-time to reveal the Redskins name makes him convulse and shrivel like a garden slug coated in Morton’s Salt.  A link is just below:

The part I find most astounding is the admission polling results show most Americans with indigenous ancestors aren’t nearly as offended as Little Bobby.  Is he suggesting they aren’t quite as sharp as the slightly above average (and we aren’t talking average height) sportscaster?  Then Costas must be a racist and a bigot!  This Redskins racial slur business is a liberal invention and it angers them it isn’t selling as easily as most leftist canards in an era when their fellow travelers control most major media.  Now Costas from what I understand is also a New York Yankee baseball fan.  He often waxes nostalgically about his time as a boy when his father took him down on the field (today the old geezer would be arrested) at old Yankee Stadium.  You want a slur?  Yankee or Yankees has a bigoted pedigree from the days of the American Revolution. 

As Costas was explaining North America’s aboriginal peoples were cranially challenged for failing to recognize the truth according to Little Bobby it reminded me of another football controversy.  Remember Rush Limbaugh and Donovan McNabb?  Two links immediately below will assist you:

Listening to Limbaugh talking (and he was far less political covering football than Olbermann and Costas) you wonder what was the entire hubbub.  Did he use the dreaded “N word” or imply Donovan McNabb wasn’t very bright because McNabb was a person-of-color?  Nope.  Limbaugh explained a great many writers in sports media desperately wanted McNabb to succeed for their own narratives.  Even a person of color on the set with Rush, Tom Jackson, agreed.  I’ve re-read Limbaugh’s exact quote on my own radio show on several occasions and lefties still scream the words are racist.  Or it isn’t what they remember…  It isn’t what they remember because the media echo chamber has been selling another story.  A lie, if you will.  It reminds me of the liberals telephoning my program and screaming Sarah Palin once said she could see Russia from her house in Alaska.  When I remind them Palin never made such a comment (it was a comedian named Tina Fey impersonating the Governor) the liberal response is to shout even louder in hopes of drowning out my voice.  Strange people when you consider as the host I control their volume!  Palin did accurately say there are parts of Alaska where on clear days you can see Russia.  If a lefty would examine a map or globe or would the effort strain already overtaxed minds? 

Recently I’ve been telling people arguing over the name of a Washington football team could well be the liberal Waterloo.  People are beginning to giggle over the hyperventilation from little men in sport coats resting atop a stack of old telephone directories so as to see eye-to-eye with a camera.  Another segment of media is warning the sky will fall if in another part of Washington the national credit card can’t be run-up another trillion dollars.  Football fans long criticized by liberals and academics as being escapist are now joined in an effort at distraction.  If China calls our government’s note do you seriously believe the name of a football team will be anyone’s primary concern?

In my old neighborhood guys like Costas had a nickname perhaps more in common with the origins of the name currently used by the American League baseball team in New York.  It strikes me there are certain practices with which people shouldn’t be engaged as the world comes crumbling down.  

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