Ken Cuccinelli Must Win

Oct 25, 2013 -- 1:20pm

Come Election Day Ken Cuccinelli may blow a kiss at Barack Obama.  For the political initiates Cuccinelli is involved in a race that may be the leading indicator for elections in 2014 and 2016.  The man is the Republican candidate for Governor in increasingly blue Virginia.  His opponent is former Clinton sidekick and Democrat Terry McAuliffe.  The Democrat has the grin of a snake oil salesman and a history of shady business dealings.  Cuccinelli, the Old Dominion’s Attorney General, has fought against human trafficking and challenged Obamacare and, yet.  Establishment media portrays him as a misogynist and the Washington Post weeks ago endorsed McAuliffe.  Just last Sunday the Post savaged the Republican in a piece featuring angry Virginia voters and their reluctance to respect Cuccinelli for having a moral compass.  Apparently a lack of any real values is now preferred in government.


The same edition of the Post was filled with editorial page ranting explaining the Republican Party was a spent force following the government slowdown (aside from some World War Two veterans being hassled by Park Police did you notice an actual shutdown?)  The Republican establishment joined the left and the boys and girls at the Post in denouncing Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee.  The three Republican U.S. Senators most resemble the Cuccinelli brand of politics.  And now a funny thing has happened on the road to McAuliffe’s coronation. 

Bill and Hillary Clinton have arrived in Virginia to bolster the Democrat candidate and his image.  The Clintons are the grandparents of what we know as Obamacare.  The Affordable Care Act as Obamacare is known is worse than the usual train wreck reference.  It might be the greatest domestic political blunder in 150 years!  This week a reporter from NPR asked a question of the White House Press Secretary I never expected.  She asked why there weren’t regular disaster briefings!  You know, the kind following earthquakes and Category 5 hurricanes.  Over at the Clinton News Network (CNN) a smattering of viewers were treated to this:

Somewhere there are people telling me gloating is a sin.  There are people angry and frustrated and hundreds of thousands of my countrymen are losing their health insurance, however.  Don’t you see the possibilities?  This morning I woke and found the following link in my e-mail:

For the first time in months I believe, despite the Wall Street cash and media megalith behind McAuliffe, the Republican is going to win in Virginia!  Cuccinelli is too polite to say, “I told you so!”  I’m not.  The Republican establishment still isn’t offering any assistance to the Cuccinelli effort and if the elites continue spurning the truth and light then it will be fitting if the GOP follows the Whig Party into oblivion.  There is opportunity here writ large.  The Democrats and media have been leading us into hell.  The Republican back-room crowd has gone along for the ride and even done some of the overnight driving.

It’s time for them to fall off the truck. 

Speaking of trucks, a regular caller to my radio show is a trucker.  He took the work after 27 years in the U.S. military.  I know him as a man of action.  A good portion of his service time was spent in special operations.  He can smell crisis and is absolutely fearless.  He told me a few days ago there isn’t any time left.  “Existential threat” is current Washington and media buzzwords.  The way the caller views it, and I agree, is we’ve got a matter of weeks to get it right.  Not months and sure as heck not years. 

The future of the entire Republic will be determined in just a matter of days in Virginia.

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