Liberals, Cathars & Ecclesiastes

Oct 29, 2013 -- 12:18pm

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

In a previous column I mentioned something known as the Albigensian Heresy. It caught the attention of a lawyer friend. She teaches history at a college in New Jersey and she commented it’s pretty much now a forgotten bit of how our past unfolded. Almost 900 years ago a strain of thought perhaps originally from the Asian Steppe made its way into Southern Central Europe. The followers of a movement springing from this heresy were known as Cathars. Among their beliefs were that the human corpse was an evil shell imprisoning the soul. The combination of corpse and soul are known in Christian tradition as the body. The former is of the temporal world and the latter belongs to the Kingdom of God. To boil down a very long story the Cathars, many headquartered in Albi (Albigensian Heresy) began recommending people commit suicide and free their souls.

Now you can imagine the end game if this caught on with the general public. The Pope sent an envoy and hoped for a settlement. The Cathars instead “freed” the envoy’s soul. The Pope wasn’t pleased. He asked French nobility for help. Always desiring new lands and greater wealth the nobility were happy to oblige. Many Cathars were as well “freed” and much to the chagrin of the Bishop of Rome often in the gruesome styles of the era.

Flash forward 900 years. Did any of you ever read about Peter Singer? He’s a liberal academic and from what I read likely devoid of any belief in souls. Yet he shares something with the Cathars. He believes the shells we’re all walking around in are loathsome and a threat to Gaia, that is, Mother Earth. As the following link shows it was just a few short years ago when he was recommending we all jump off cliffs or quietly surrender our gonads:

Many will joke lefties didn’t have any stones to begin with, however. This modern day heretic was given space by the bible of American self-loathing liberalism, the New York Times. The same paper last year denied the Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York, Timothy Cardinal Dolan, an opportunity to share his thoughts and opposition to Obamacare. The current executive editor of the Times is a woman named Jill Abramson. Upon learning she got the job she issued a statement praising the Times, saying in her home while growing up the paper had supplanted faith. Abramson’s crowd very much runs the country early in the 21st Century. And by their definition not A.D. but C.E. for Common Era. Just common.

Today there are myriad ways to save people from being encased in evil. Some are rescued before birth by having a doctor tear apart their evil appendages while still in a womb. Others are being told a panel of doctors will decide their fate if they’re stricken with cancer, have an expensive prescription or just have the misfortune of growing old. Or in the view of Peter Singer living a long life is a sin against Mother Nature. It never strikes the man some might consider him a freak of nature.

Have you noticed how these people react to criticism? They’ve established attack machines. Think the infamous “War Room” of past and future Clinton campaigns.

Catharism appears not only revived but triumphant. The Church and now churches appear marginalized and may well have participated through internal scandals in their own demise. The nobles were purchased with seats on Wall Street and K Street. Is there finally something new under the sun? Or is the sun about to fall from the sky?    

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