Daylight Saving Time

Nov 04, 2013 -- 11:37am


Some good points made here:

As Americans turned their clocks back one hour over the weekend, we got another round of complaints about the arguably harmful annual ritual. This year, a writer named ALLISON SCHRAGER suggested an ambitious plan for how to get rid of all this clock-switching: Create just two time zones.
   Had we gone with that, she writes, people on Eastern time would've turned back their clocks as usual, people on Pacific Time would've turned their clocks forward an hour, and people on Central and Rocky Mountain Time wouldn't have done anything. Presto: The continental U-S would have two time zones, one hour apart.

   "It sounds radical, but it really isn't," she assures us. The current time zones were created because railroad travel necessitated more cross-continental coordination. Today, our economy is even faster and more interconnected.
   Energy companies have actually done studies concluding that Daylight Saving Time no longer saves energy. And of course, we have the usual stories about increases in traffic accidents, workplace injuries, heart attacks, and depression.

   "Why stick with a system designed for commerce in 1883?" writes Schrager. Anyone who's ever done business with the opposite coast "can imagine the uncountable benefits" of a two-zone, minimal-jet-lag nation. Besides, studies show Americans plan their lives around the TV schedule more than the sun, suggesting that "in effect, Americans already live on two time zones."

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