Christmas Holiday Sales

Nov 04, 2013 -- 12:18pm

Wal-Mart is moving the Christmas shopping season even further ahead by offering several Black Friday deals online starting at midnight next Friday.                          

"But if Americans can buy Black Friday deals three weeks early, we'll need a whole new excuse for not seeing our families on Thanksgiving."

Let's stop the blaming of businesses for being open on Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving night. If they did not think people would show, they would not open. It's our decision to cut our Thanksgiving's short for sales. If people decide to do that, that's their decision and its not for me to judge. Now if you want to say it's a sad state of our society that we put sales ahead of family, I would not disagree with that statement though. We do have the ability of putting our family and friends first and gathering to be thankful for what we have in our life. Let's stop taking the easy route and blaming the businesses and look at ourselves. 

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