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Nov 05, 2013 -- 4:55pm



New CD releases today (Nov 05): 
   --Avril Lavigne "Avril Lavigne" 
   --Bob Dylan, "The Complete Album Collection, Volume 1"
   --Celine Dion, "Loved Me Back To Life"
   --Eminem, "The Marshall Mathers LP 2"

   --Europe, "30th Anniversary Live"
   --James Blunt, "Moon Landing"
   --Jimi Hendrix Experience, "Miami Pop Festival"
   --Lita Ford, "Bitch Is Back"
   --M.I.A., "Matangi"

   --Melvins, "Tres Cabrones"
   --Saga, "Spin It Again - Live In Munich"
   --Scott Stapp, "Proof Of Life"
   --Stryper, "No More Hell To Pay"

Music DVDs out today: 
   --"Dream Theater: Live At Luna Park" (Blu-ray)
   --"Europe: 30th Anniversary Live" (Blu-ray)
   --"Jimi Hendrix Experience: Hear My Train A Comin'" (Blu-ray)
   --"One Direction: Up Close And Personal"
   --"Pearl Jam: Long Strange Road"
   --"Released: The Human Rights Concerts 1986-1998" (6 DVDs)
   --"Saga: Spin It Again - Live In Munich" (Blu-ray)

Out on video today (Nov 05): 
   --"The Right Stuff" (Blu-ray) 30th Anniversary
   --"Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga" (Blu-ray)
   --"Elf" (Blu-ray) 10th Anniversary Edition
   --"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" 3D (Blu-ray)
   --"A Christmas Story" (Blu-ray) 30th Anniversary Edition

   Kids' DVDs:
   --"Pound Puppies: Holiday Hijinks"
   --"Sesame Street: Fairytale Fun"
   --"Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year"

   TV Shows: 
   --"Dexter: The Complete Final Season"
   --"Dexter: The Complete Series"
   --"Mad Men: Season Six"
   --"Doctor Who: Series 1-7" (Blu-ray; Giftset)
   --"Game of Thrones: Seasons 1-2"
   --"Under the Dome: Season One"
   --"Saved by the Bell: The Complete Collection"

Online retailers hope to extend “Cyber Monday” shopping so that it turns November into “Cyber Month.” Fashion and retail news website Racked.com reports that online sellers are already calling the week after Black Friday shopping “Cyber Week,” with the spike in online sales starting the Monday after Thanksgiving and lasting all week. But this year, there are six fewer shopping days between Thanksgiving and Christmas than there were last year. That’s actually good news for shoppers: expect to see online “Black Friday” promotions drop earlier than ever before.

Last week's hot Broadway shows (Playbill magazine): 
10. "Jersey Boys," $754K
9. "Pippin," $779K
8. "The Phantom of the Opera," $836K,
7. "Betrayal," $1.28 million,
6. "Matilda," $1.08 million,
5. "Motown," $1.29 million,
4. "Kinky Boots," $1.63 million
3. "Wicked," $1.74 million
2. "The Book of Mormon," $1.70 million
1. "The Lion King," $1.71 million
   FYI: Just outta the top-10: "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark," $802K; "Cinderella," $683K; "Once," $678K; "Big Fish," $647K; "The Glass Menagerie," $634K; "Newsies," $625K. (10/28-11/03)

KATY PERRY has overtaken JUSTIN BIEBER as the most-followed person on Twitter, with 46,593,734 followers to the Bieb's 46,543,045.
   FYI: The Pope's Twitter feed, @Pontifex, has 3,171,772 followers... the top 10 most-followed, according to Twitter Counter:
   10. Justin Timberlake, 28,050,281
   9. Instagram, 28,770,229
   8. Rihanna, 32,522,630
   7. Britney Spears, 33,775,356
   6. YouTube, 35,778,083
   5. Taylor Swift, 36,277,799
   4. Barack Obama, 39,329,053
   3. Lady Gaga, 40,411,090
   2. Justin Bieber, 46,543,045
   1. Katy Perry, 46,593,734

High-speed police chases may become a thing of the past thanks to a new technology being deployed across the nation.
   It's a GPS Cannon that simply tags a fleeing car with a tracker so that pursuing officers can hang back and wait for the criminal to stop, then make the arrest.
   High-speed pursuits have their detractors as they often put innocent lives in danger and cause property damage, no ramming of bystander vehicles.

   The cannons, already used in Georgia, Texas, Iowa and Arizona, fire a sticky GPS device from the front grill that lands on a fleeing car, then track that car remotely.
   Each air-powered cannon costs about $5,000 to install. Each GPS round costs about $500.
   Editor's note: Why not just a regular cannon. Blast that bad guy to kingdom come.

Bradley's Believe It Or Not

British experts believe they have solved the mystery of KING TUT.
   This question has fascinated scholars for decades since the discovery of his nearly intact, three-thousand-year-old tomb 91 years ago yesterday (Nov 04), in 1922. Some though he'd been murdered, others suspected illness. Scholars a certain the young pharaoh’s cause of death was due to injuries sustain in a chariot crash.
   Using a "virtual autopsy," researchers found a series of injuries on one side of the body that, combined with the mummy's missing heart, led them to conclude that a chariot crashed into him when he was kneeling. This destroyed his ribs, pelvis, and heart. Chemical tests also revealed that the burned flesh on bones at Liverpool University were due to a bungled mummification that caused the body to spontaneously combust.
   Editor's note: That's one heckuva cold case.

   Context: The discovery of King Tut's tomb is considered one of the most important archaeological finds of the 20th century. Over 3,000 ancient treasures were found within, Tut's coffin was made of solid gold and weighed some 250 pounds, and his burial mask (now in the Cairo museum) was solid gold.
   The find gained greater legendary status with stories about the early death of those who had entered the tomb. The idea of the Pharoah's Curse was probably hype by newspapers seeking to generate sales, but that gives an idea of how big the story was. Pop songs of the day were written and the iconic horror movies of the 40s saw a new day with the recent Mummy movie trilogy starring BRENDAN FRASER

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