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Nov 12, 2013 -- 11:36am



Holiday Shopping:
We're over two weeks out from Thanksgiving and the stories have started about Black Friday starting early again. Like last year, and shoppers will get to choose between pumpkin pie and marked-down flat screen TVs as stores open their doors on Thanksgiving Day.
   While Target, Best Buy and Toys R Us are beginning their sales on Thursday evening, Kmart's 41-hour-long Black Friday begins at 6 am Thanksgiving morning. Weill the extended hours will mean fewer stampedes?

*Amazon strikes again.
In a deal with the beleaguered U-S Postal Service, customers in the Los Angeles and New York metropolitan areas will be able to have packages delivered on Sunday at no extra charge.
The deal is a major boon for Amazon, as other delivery companies don't really deliver on Sundays. UPS doesn't deliver on Sunday at all, and FedEx has limited and expensive options to do so. The U-S Postal Service may look at the deal with Amazon as a way to grow the one strong part of its business --packages.
Amazon plans to expand the deal to Dallas, New Orleans, and other cities next year.

The Weather:
The Philippines has hardly begun to clean up after typhoon Haiyan, but is already getting hit with another storm this morning.
   This one's nowhere near as powerful --just a tropical depression, which means winds of about 40 mph, but the additional rain it brings is the last thing the island nation needs. While the Philippines is the target of about 20 typhoons every year, the October earthquake that destroyed the homes of more than 350,000 people has made such storms even harder for the country to handle.
   Meanwhile, the struggle to reach victims continues four days after the typhoon hit, killing an estimated 10,000 people.

Last week's hot Broadway shows (Playbill): 
The big story on Broadway is BILLY CRYSTAL's debut with his new, one-man show which pulled in more than a million bucks last week. "700 Sundays" was helped by the long, Veteran's Day weekend, as well, but Billy continues to be a big draw on Broadway nearly ten years after his last appearance there.

10. "Jersey Boys," $843K
9. "Pippin," $847K
8. "Matilda," $1.16 million,
7. "700 Sundays," (new), $1.15 million,
6. "Betrayal," $1.25 million,
5. "Motown," $1.33 million,
4. "Kinky Boots," $1.67 million
3. "The Lion King," $1.71 million
2. "The Book of Mormon," $1.77 million
1. "Wicked," $1.86 million
   FYI: Just outta the top-10: "Cinderella," $859K; "Annie," $839K; "Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark," $810K; "The Phantom of the Opera," $791K; "Newsies," $750K; "Once," $726K; "The Glass Menagerie," $675K; "Mama Mia," $646K; "Big Fish," $600K. (11/04-11/10)

On, off and way-off Broadway: 
Plans were announced for a Broadway musical version of "The Princess Bride."
   CARY ELWES starred as Westley and ROBIN WRIGHT as the Princess, Buttercup, in the 1987 movie of the same name, which also starred MANDY PATINKIN, CHRIS SARANDON, WALLACE SHAWN, PETER FALK and BILLY CRYSTAL.
   Author WILLIAM GOLDMAN --who wrote "Marathon Man" and won Academy Awards for doing the screenplays for "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" and "All the President's Men" also wrote "The Stepford Wives," "A Bridge Too Far" and "The Princess Bride."

Shopping Around:
By 2017, 60 percent of all U.S. retail sales will involve the Internet either as a direct e-commerce transaction or as part of shopper's research on a laptop or mobile device, according to a new report from Forrester Research. The report also predicts 10 percent of total retail sales in the U.S. in five years will be online purchases.

New CD releases today (Nov 11):
   --Beatles "On Air: Live At The BBC, Vol. 2" & "Live At The BBC" (remastered)
   --Bun B, "Trill O.G. The Epilogue"
   --Emerson, Lake & Palmer, "Live In Montreal, 1977"
   --Keane, "Best Of"
   --Kelly Pickler, "Woman I Am"

   --Killers, "Direct Hits"
   --Lady Gaga, "Artpop"
   --Miles Davis, "Original Mono Recordings" (box set)
   --Various Artists, "NOW 48"
   --Various Artists, "NOW Disney, Vol. 2"
   --The Who, "Tommy" (super deluxe edition)

Music DVDs out today:
    --"Rolling Stones, Sweet Summer Sun - Hyde Park Live" (Blu-ray and super deluxe box set with CDs)

Out on video today (Nov 12): 
   --"Man of Steel"
   --"Man of Steel" (Blu-ray) Giftset
   --"Last Tango in Halifax"
   --"JFK" (Blu-ray) Commemorative Edition
   --"JFK Remembered: 50 Years Later"
   --"John F. Kennedy: Years of Lightning, Day of Drums"
   --"All the President's Men" (Blu-ray Special 40th Anniversary Edition)

   Kids' DVDs:
   --"Best of Sesame Street Collection"
   --"Turbo" (Blu-ray)

   TV Shows: 
   --"Dexter: The Complete Final Season"
   --"Family Ties: Complete Series"
   --"Deadliest Catch: Season 8"

Polling America:
When it comes to attitudes about women in the workplace and having a female boss, Americans have come a long way in the last 60 years.
Around 40 percent have no preference to the gender of their boss, up from 25 percent in 1953. But for those who have a preference, men are still favored by an 11 point margin, a gap driven by women who don't want a female boss.According to a new poll from Gallup, 40 percent of the women say they prefer a male boss, 27 percent prefer a female one, and 32 percent have no preference. On the other hand, 29 percent of men polled prefer a male boss, 18 percent prefer a female one, and 51 percent had no preference.

Gallup explains that there are a lot of factors into why someone would prefer their boss be a man or a woman, and how actually working with a woman can change someone's attitude --meaning that all this stuff people read and all this stuff people are taught don't match up to the actual data of people who work with women. "It is also possible that the experience of working for a female boss affects workers' preferences. If the latter is the case, and if the proportion of U-S workers who have female bosses increases in the future, the current preference for a male boss in the overall population could dissipate," Gallup explains. So there's hope yet.

Your Good News Story of the Day:
Really cool Veteran's Day story out of England yesterday.
   World War II vet HAROLD PERCIVAL passed away peacefully in his sleep last month at the age of 99. According to his obituary, Harold had "no close family who can attend his funeral."
   Enter: The Internet.
   Percival was in the RAF, a member of the famed Dambusters. After a scan of the obituary appeared online last week, many took special note of the sentence asking for "any service personnel who can" to kindly attend his funeral, which was scheduled for yesterday morning at 11am.

   A call to action soon coalesced as the obit made its way around Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. "If you're in the area give him the send off he deserves," asked Sgt RICK CLEMENT, an Afghanistan War vet who was wounded in the line of duty. "This guy needs and deserves your help."
   Sgt Clement's plea was heeded, and hundreds of complete strangers ignored the rain to attend Harold's funeral at the Lytham Park Crematorium, as many tweeted photos can attest. Someone even posted a video on YouTube.

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