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Jan 30, 2014 -- 2:49pm



Here was my response to the e-mail from SSA: Your e-mail has prompted me to re-ask some questions but also ask a few more:
The first is who made the decision to move, who has that authority, is that done at the local office, a regional manager
decision or...?
-Was the lease not being renewed at the Georgetown location and is it not up to SSA specifications?-
Is the only criteria for the move, cost and not necessarily geography, I ask because Georgetown is centrally located and perfect for county residents.
-What is difference in the price from Georgetown to Lewes? Given the current location and the new one, from outsiders looking in most would think it would be more not less even on a per square foot basis even if the new location has more space which I believe to be the case. The current location sits at the bottom of an expensive luxury condo building near a beach resort.
-Maybe this is more of a comment than a question, I understand people can get there by bus but they will have to pay more bus fare and currently there is no bus stop or crossing Rt. 9/404 for them to cross.
Its a highway that's highly traveled, especially during the summer season.


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