Death Investigation into Woman Found Buried on the Beach in Ocean City – Closed


L-R Joe Theobald, Ocean City Emergency Services Director – Police Chief Ross Buzzuro – Mayor Rick Meehan

Ashley O’Connor of Plano, Texas died while on vacation with her family in Ocean City on July 31. Police Chief Ross Buzzuro says O’Connor walked onto the beach around 2am by herself, got into a hole that was about 6 feet by 4.5 feet in size and about 3.5 feet deep. Sometime after that, the hole filled with sand and she suffocated. Her body was found by a beach walker around 6:30am.

Police Chief Ross Buzzuro tells WGMD they do not know what caused the hole to fill with sand….

He adds there was no foul play and no injury to O’Connor’s body, however at the time she walked onto the beach – the autopsy results show she had a blood alcohol level was above the legal limit for driving.

Police say O’Connor was staying on the boardwalk with family, and there is video that shows her walking on the boardwalk and on to the sand, but there is no video that shows her getting into the hole.

Ocean City Emergency Services Director Joe Theobald says that a 5 gallon bucket of sand weighs 62 pounds – enough to cover and harm a small child. Mayor Rick Meehan reminds anyone who digs a hole – to fill it in before they leave the beach so nothing like this occurs again.

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