Dewey Beach Commission candidates sound off


There are five candidates running for three open spots on the Dewey Beach town commission this year. The election is especially contentious this year, ever since explosive allegations came out in June against the Town Manager Marc Appelbaum. Leading up to the election– scheduled for Saturday, September 16– Appelbaum, the investigation into his alleged improprieties, and the current commissioner’s continued support for him have been a focal point.

Three candidates are a group of political upstarts new to local politics: Paul Bauer, Jill Compello, and TJ Redefer. They are squaring off with two incumbents: current Mayor Dale Cooke and longtime commissioner Diane Hanson. WGMD’s Mike Bradley got a chance to chat with all five candidates about Dewey Beach, the upcoming election, and– of course– Marc Appelbaum. You can listen to the full interviews below.

Paul Bauer, Jill Compello, and TJ Redefer:

Mayor Dale Cooke and Commissioner Diane Hanson:

The Dewey Beach election is being held on Saturday, September 16th.