Dewey Gets Its Own Cellsite On Wheels


Verizon Wireless has selected the Dewey Beach town hall as the next location for its temporary cellsite-on-wheels (COW) which was most recently used to enhance cellular service at the Firefly Music Festival. “The COW is provided by Verizon Wireless and will be there [in Dewey] for the summer season to benefit nearby Verizon customers,” says David Weissmann, a Verizon Wireless spokesman.

All weekend long, Tim Reabuck, Charlie “Muff” Fetterolf and Garrett Bricker, shown below, have been working hard to install the gear in the parking area on the Coastal Highway side of town hall. They work for a contractor, Philip J. Carroll & Son & Grandsons from Pennsylvania.

They hope to be operational on Tuesday or Wednesday. At that point, they will raise the mast on the giant dome about 30 feet and the COW will be activated.

The dome is one of the sophisticated Matsing Ball antennas similar to those used at the 2017 Inauguration and Super Bowl. It is able to more precisely target its signals to the user, as explained by this AT&T Wireless spokesman.