Dewey Lifeguards Rescue And Resuscitate Swimmer In Cardiac Arrest


A man was pulled from the surf by Dewey Beach lifeguards just before 3:40 p.m. Saturday.  He was in cardiac arrest after suffering a suspected neck injury.

Dewey Beach Patrol Capt. Todd Fritchman says lifeguards on the Dickinson Street stand and one riding an ATV simultaneously observed the 47-year-old man go down in the surf.  When they pulled him to the beach, they immediately began life-saving measures.

Image courtesy WGMD/Alan Henney

Miraculously, a Millville ambulance with a paramedic on board just happened to be passing through Dewey when the call was dispatched and came to the beach moments later.

The man supposedly had struck his head while in the surf, injuring his neck.  He was, according to one source, in cardiac arrest.  Lifeguards performed CPR for a couple minutes.  They soon regained a pulse and the man became conscious.  He was briefly paralyzed but was later said to have regained movement.

Image courtesy WGMD/Alan Henney

Glenn Marshall, Sussex EMS spokesman, said he was limited what he could release because of HIPAA.  But if this incident ends with a successful outcome, he says it could be attributed to the right combination, from lifeguards making the rescue with early CPR and a quick paramedic response.

New this year to Dewey Beach, Capt. Fritchman says lifeguards will be on the beach on weekends through October.