Dover Man Runs Over 71-year-old Woman


Erick Wyatte
Image courtesy Dover PD

A Dover man was arrested Thursday morning after a domestic incident turned into a hit and run. 30-year-old Erick Wyatte went to his girlfriend’s house just before 10 a.m. at the White Oak Condos and started beating on her car. She has a no contact order against Wyatte. Police showed up and Wyatte drove from the condos and avoided police on White Oak Road. Wyatte then hit a 71-year-old woman with his car at the intersection of White Oak Road and North DuPont Highway. He drove into the Towne Point Neighborhood before he rammed a parked car on Nimitz Road. He lost control at that point, and flipped the car. Police were able to arrest Wyatte there, and he was charged with vehicular assault and breach of release, among others, and is being held on $22,000 bond. The woman he hit was taken to the hospital in critical condition.