UPDATED: Lewes to have 4th of July fireworks in 2018


UPDATED: September 12 Lewes will have fireworks display next 4th of July. Mayor Ted Becker tells WGMD the plan is moving forward for a beach display of fireworks in 2018, which would be a first for the city. The Town Council voted on the plan at last night’s council meeting and approved the measure.

The Lewes City Council tonight will discuss and possibly vote on implementing July 4th Fireworks.  While the city is considering a holiday fireworks display, PETA officials are asking that it be a silent display – so as not to alarm or upset the area pet population.  They’re asking for quiet fireworks, light and video based shows, holographic laser mapping and other types of displays that don’t include the explosions.

The city does not hold a sanctioned fireworks display in town, however residents throughout the years have set off their own displays, which is illegal according to state law.

The city council meets tonight at 7pm at City Hall