Lake Avenue Construction To Begin This Month


lake avenue constructionConstruction for the long awaited Lake Avenue Streetscape Improvements Project is scheduled to begin on Monday, September 26, 2016, and will be completed by May 2017. This schedule may vary depending on things like the weather and delivery of materials and equipment. This is a Sponsored-Administered Project through DelDOT where the City of Rehoboth Beach was granted $800,000, or 80% of the amount contracted at $973,392. The City budgeted the remaining 20% of funds. Project construction will accommodate vehicular traffic with local access only for residents and adjacent businesses.

At all times during construction on-street parking is prohibited. Phase 1A of construction will begin on the north side of Lake Avenue at Third Street and continue west to the front entrance of Stingray Restaurant. It will then cross Lake Avenue, to continue on the south side of the street, and 20’ east of City Hall Drive, to the crosswalk at Rehoboth Avenue. Phase 1B, scheduled to start February 2017, will begin on the north side of Lake Avenue at the crosswalk at Rehoboth Avenue and continue to the front entrance of Stingray Restaurant then crossing to the south side of the street from City Hall Drive to Third Street. The contractor will maintain one lane open in the easterly direction of Rehoboth Avenue during construction for local traffic and detours will be in place. Construction work will occur Monday through Friday from8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and construction signage will be posted. Maryland Avenue, between Second and Third Streets, will be restriped to accommodate for two-way traffic during construction. The construction staging area will be located on the west side of the triangle on Olive Avenue between Second and Third Streets. Although certain inconveniences are to be expected for the abutting residents and businesses, contractors will attempt to minimize these issues.

The contractor for this streetscape project is Sam’s Construction located in Wilmington, Delaware. There will be a project manager on site at all times during construction representing both Sam’s Construction and Kercher Engineering, the City’s consultant.