MSP Investigating Attempted Murder/Suicide in Willards


Maryland State Police are investigating an attempted murder and suicide in Willards around 7:15 Saturday night.  Police were called for a shooting at a home on Sheppards Crossing Road.  Police found 65 year old Blair Ranneberger with multiple gunshot wounds.  He was taken to PRMC and is critical condition.  The suspect, 25 year old Evan Gottlieb of Berlin, was found dead of a gunshot wound a short time later in the victim’s pickup – which was submerged in water on Tingle Road.   A handgun was also found in the truck.  Police are still investigating but say Gottlieb drove to the victim’s home and demanded the keys to the truck because police were after him.  Ranneberger was shot after telling Gottlieb the keys were in the truck – and his wife threatened.  Gottlieb then drove off in the truck.