Off with her head…NOT!


The former D-list “comedienne”, Kathy Griffin, is certain to continue in her chosen field, with one key difference.  She’ll be upgraded to the B-list and she’ll probably, albeit quietly, regain her CNN gig and the other “celebrity”-type work from which she’s been making a living since her Pulp Fiction bit part.  Don’t be surprised if she goes on tour at colleges across the country, where she’ll play to sold-out crowds of undergrads, professors who teach subjects like “Transgender Latino revolutionary atheist Marxism” and local “community activists” who use the infamous decapitation photo as a screensaver.  And if CNN doesn’t quietly reinstate her for the New Year’s Eve show, MS/NBC will bring her onboard as a commentator or analyst.  Michael Moore will make her the subject of an Oscar-nominated documentary and by the time President Trump’s re-election campaign is underway, she’ll be fully re-established as an even higher-profile presence than she ever was.  That photo reflected the most cherished fantasies of the professional left, and the Democrat/media complex simply will not allow her to be a casualty in their war against America.

Let’s be honest with ourselves: Although most of America is, at least, offended and, at most, outraged by her isis-style photo, holding a bloody effigy of President Trump’s head, the opinions of non-elites in America rarely, if ever, matter.  Media rules, citizens obey.  The most recent proof is that the G.O.P. is now trying to figure out how to best “improve” Obamacare instead of scrapping it altogether, and the president has already declared social security and Medicare to be “off limits”.  In other words, growing government involvement in the finances and health of every American has become ‘normal’ in a country where rugged individualism and self-reliance are mocked and dismissed as being part of an “America that never was.”  The leftward trend which was established a century ago has neither stopped nor slowed, and has so insidiously infected our national psyche that even Republicans now accept its outcome as normal.

The left’s psychotic reaction to President Trump’s stunning November win didn’t surprise most conservatives; organized street violence and suppression of free speech has become as normal here as the bloody corpses of defenseless, ‘tolerant’ Europeans after the latest mohammedan suicide bombing.  In this new reality, Griffin’s setback will be forgotten by Halloween, and she’ll wear the coveted “victim” badge, awarded to her by the alphabet networks, Soros-funded websites and major newspapers.  Some college courses in contemporary culture will be freshened-up to describe how Griffin’s life was almost derailed just for exercising her First Amendment rights, and how she fought back against the irredeemably evil White House that tricked and provoked her into the public ambush in the first place.

You think not?  The professional left is in complete control of the press, the entertainment industry and every public school system in the country, to say nothing of the colleges and universities.  The right, still disorganized, emasculated, publicly muted and sheepishly unwilling to fight fire with fire, will silently shake their heads in disbelief one or two years from now when Griffin walks across the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion stage, arm-in-arm with George Clooney and Alec Baldwin, to receive her Oscar®.

I really hope I’m totally wrong about this.  But I don’t think I am.


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Although educated at the Wm. Penn Charter School in Philadelphia and the prestigious S.I.Newhouse School of Public Communication at Syracuse U., I've been a conservative Republican since the age of 5 or 6. I advocate for G.O.P. values and traditional American culture tirelessly. I've worked in broadcast since 1972 and logged over 5,000hrs. flying light helicopters reporting traffic in East Coast medium- and large-markets. Remember this: Only ONE THING is learned from history. NOTHING is learned from history.