A Little Bit of Christmas Fun Stuff for you!

The WGMD Staff reading of "The Night Before Christmas" -
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Check out the Christmas Snow Globe - Be sure your volume is turned up - and watch the snowglobe go into action.  Watch for the girl & the snowman - and Grandpa who's trying to sleep!  Then give the snowglobe a shake - and listen!
Name that Christmas Carol Quiz
A Punny Christmas Quiz
A Do-it-yourself Winter Wonderland
Penguin Fly - there are 2 versions of this game.  There's the original version which is pretty tame, and then there's what we call the 'bloody' version - a little gory but much more interesting
Clean version                                     Bloody version
Orca Slap - This game is a real hoot - frustrating but a lot of fun
More on the holidays - Mari Lou's Christmas Advent Calendar
Read more about Kwanzaa - Did you know the founder of Kwanzaa is from Parsonsburg, MD?
Learn more about the celebration of New Year's