Pocomoke City Girl Found Wondering After Being Left On School Bus


A Pocomoke City father was driving down the road last week and saw a strange sight: his daughter. The 4-year-old was walking alone down the street when she was supposed to be in school. Tyler Lockwood found his daughter, Kayma, cold and confused, but not injured. Now, Lockwood wants answers.  It seems that Kayma was sleeping on the bus when it pulled up to the school. The bus monitor was doing their post drop off scan of the bus, but got distracted and didn’t see the girl sleeping. The driver then drove home and Kayma found herself lost when she woke up. Worcester County School District said the driver will be disciplined and the district will start using an alarm in every bus that will go off when the key is taken out of the ignition, forcing the driver to go to the back of the bus to turn it off.