Punkin Chunkin returns this fall, but for how long?


The Punkin Chunkin is coming back to Sussex County, although organizers worry it might be the last year of the event. However, a major sponsor of the event, the Science Channel is pulling its funding this year, which normally provides a quarter of donations needed to put on the event. The World Punkin Chunkin Championship Association had a 3 year plan to rebuild the event into a family friendly event focused on promoting science, technology, engineering and math. Unfortunately, last year one of the cannons exploded, severely injuring a producer working with the Science Channel, which in turn led the channel to pull its funding and support. Organizers announced the event will take place on November 3rd through 5th in Bridgeville.

If you’re interested in sponsoring Punkin’ Chunkin’ – go to punkinchunkin.com