Radio Free Delmarva: Friday, Oct. 16, ’15


Tuesday night’s Democrat presidential debate on CNN revealed a few things: 1) When stage-managed, and in a fully-scripted environment, Hillary comes off like a seasoned pol.  At least, she came off better than the other four did.  2) Sanders’ thinking has not matured since Woodstock.  He must have read some Marx or Engels in 9th grade, and he’s still able to convince himself that an utterly abstract and failed theory, and not his own lying eyes, should inform the presidential policies he offers.  3) Anderson Cooper did a credible job of appearing to be objective.  “Appearing” is the operative word here; let’s not forget that he was a media member of the Clinton Global Initiative Foundation, albeit not a cash sponsor thereof.

The event revealed little of the Democrat plans, but much of their ideology.  The Democrat party of today openly advocates socialism, and the only self-described “socialist” to ever serve in the U.S. senate is now in a strong second place behind a former senator and sec’y. of state who may well be indicted for violating Title 18 of the U.S. code.  To paraphrase Chas. “Commie” Comiskey, she’s being investigated by the FBI; if that isn’t suspicious, I don’t know what is.

Will V.P. Joe Biden now enter the race?  It’s anybody’s guess, but the indications this time last week were strongly suggesting he was about to, just as today it seems he was frightened off by Hillary on Tuesday night.

Beyond the narcotic aspect of the “debate”, we learned that, 1) Neither CNN nor the Democrat candidates view isis as a threat…at least, not as much of a threat as anthropogenic ‘global warming’; 2) The GOP candidate field is infinitely more ‘diverse’ than the Democrat candidate field; 3) Low Second Amendment support ratings from the NRA are a talking point for socialists, and, 4) If you’re earning a decent living, watch out: The leading Democrats want to take it from you.  After all, the government that robs Peter to pay Paul will always enjoy Paul’s support.  But maybe, just maybe, this time, Paul will realize that the problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money, and, one day, the government of Bernie Sanders will come looking for Paul’s last red cent.