17 Vehicles Reported “Misplaced” So Far This Summer in R.B.!



Since Friday of Memorial Day Weekend, Rehoboth Beach police have assisted with 17 misplaced vehicle complaints. These are visitors who had parked their vehicles in town, could not find them later and had to call police for assistance. They were not towed!

“There are no evident similarities among the complaints,” says Lt. Jaime Riddle, “other than the fact that people are usually only a block or two away from their vehicle. In the case of nine of the complaints, the misplaced vehicle calls originated from Rehoboth Avenue.”

Lt. Riddle likens it to visiting the shopping mall at Christmas time. “If you do not make it a point to note a landmark prior to leaving your vehicle,” he says, “it can be difficult to find it. Having said that, the best advice that we can provide is to encourage people to make a mental note of a landmark, a particular store or house address, before walking away from their vehicle.”

Those who park in the residential areas of the city are encouraged to not only make a mental note of the house number they parked in front of, but also to remember the name of the street they parked on and the number of blocks the street is from the boardwalk. “The boardwalk serves as a great landmark,” Lt. Riddle points out.

The Parkeon parking meter kiosks print receipts which include the meter location and space number. Don’t lose your receipt because that can also be used to extend time. Also, some people take a photo with their smart phones of a landmark or street sign before they leave the area. Otherwise, it can be all a blur when they try to find their vehicle again later!