Rehoboth Art League Opens Members’ Fine Craft Exhibition


The Rehoboth Art League opened its 44th Annual Members’ Fine Craft Exhibition last Friday night with magnificent works from many local artists and artisans.

Sandy Curson, a Rehoboth Beach resident and an art teacher for 36 years, exhibited her line of beautiful home-made pottery. “I love living down here at the beach,” she states, “and I really much like to paint scenes that are about the seashore, sea life, ships and things that are very beachy.” Here she is with her Turtle Moon bowl.

From start to finish, the process to create one of these bowls takes about a month. The clay has to be thrown on the wheel, then she turns the bottom, it is fired, then painted, then fired again. The stoneware clay bowls are dishwasher, oven and microwave safe!

Peter Emanuel was another artist attending the opening showing off his three mandalas. A mandala, Emanuel points out, is a meditation aid used to help one focus. The repetitive patterns, he observes, are said to be a calming influence for those who meditate.

He uses game pieces, a sort of throwback to games we used to play as children. Emanuel’s Rehoboth mandala features everything Rehoboth from the street names, the Funland tickets, custom-made Rehoboth playing cards and real Dogfish Head bottle caps!

Emanuel claims he did not drink all those beers, he simply got the bottle caps directly from the Dogfish Head brewery! “I’m telling you,” he adds, “a glass of merlot and a tube of glue, a little bit of patience and you’d be surprised what you can do!” He will have his first art show this summer at RAL’s annual outdoor show in August.

The members’ exhibition runs through July 23.