Rehoboth Beach Candidate News Updates


More than 80 people attended the Rehoboth Beach Homeowners’ Association annual candidate forum at CAMP Rehoboth this past Friday. After opening statements and answering the “what are the three biggest issues facing Rehoboth” question, the rest of the questions originated from the audience. But the audience was not allowed to direct questions to a specific candidate, all five had to be addressed in the same question.

An article examining the forum appeared in the Daily Times.

On Sunday, Mayor Sam Cooper extended an open invitation to his meet & greet at his home on New Castle Street. The only commissioner candidate to attend was Susan Gay. “I am still very committed to this town. I lived here all my life and I love it and I know I still have a lot to offer… I very much enjoy this town and the people in it,” Mayor Cooper said.

Earlier in the week, Comm. Paul Kuhns attended Comm. Kathy McGuiness‘ “Coffee with Kathy” event at the firehouse which featured an informational update with firefighters.

“I am meeting with people one on one or two on one in order to address their specific questions and concerns,” Comm. Kuhns said. “I find that meet and greets are mostly people that are going to vote for me anyway and so I feel it is important to meet people who have not made their decision as of yet,” he added.

The top three concerns Comm. Kuhns says he is hearing from voters are the “mismanagement” of the city hall project process, the fear of the “same thing happening with the outfall project at three times the cost,” and the fact that the town has “no long-term financial plan in place.”

“Most people love Rehoboth,” Mayor Cooper said in his defense. “Why would they want to change? If you got a working formula, why do you want to change it?”

The Chamber of Commerce hosts its mayoral debate and commissioner candidates’ forum today, Monday, July 31, at 10 a.m. at the Rehoboth Beach firehouse.

Lisa Schlosser has the only publicly announced meet & greet scheduled this week which is on Saturday. Please e-mail for location and to RSVP.