Rehoboth Election: Kuhns Defeats Mayor Cooper; McGuiness And Schlosser Win Commissioner Seats


Rehoboth Beach Comm. Paul Kuhns became the first candidate today to defeat Mayor Samuel Cooper in his 27 years as mayor.  Incumbent Comm. Kathy McGuiness and Lisa Schlosser won the two commissioner seats that were up for grabs.

This was the seventh time Mayor Cooper faced challengers as mayor. Comm. Kuhns had actually lost to the mayor by 12 percent in a prior match-up in 2008.

Wayne Steele, Rehoboth Beach election inspector, read the results about 10 minutes after voting ended Saturday evening.

Image courtesy WGMD/Alan Henney

Here are the 2017 election totals:

Registered voters for 2017: 1706 (70 fewer than 2016)
Number of voters: 879
Number of absentee voters: 436
Total voters: 1315 (about 77 percent of the registered voters)

Seats for mayor:
Samuel R. Cooper: 543 (41 percent of total voters)
Paul G. Kuhns: 761 (58 percent of total voters)

Two seats for commissioner:
Susan M. Gay # of votes: 637 (48 percent of total voters)
Kathleen K. McGuiness # of votes: 903 (69 percent of total voters)
Lisa A. Schlosser # of votes: 706 (54 percent of total voters)

Here is the official sheet from Wayne Steele:

Image courtesy WGMD/Alan Henney

The winners will be sworn into office on Friday, September 15, 2017, at the regular commissioners meeting before they begin to serve three-year terms.