Rehoboth Incumbent Commissioners Mills and Sharp Retain Their Seats


It only took six minutes until Wayne Steele, Rehoboth Beach election inspector, announced the winners of the city’s 2016 municipal election.


Incumbent Commissioners, Stanley Mills and Mary “Toni” Sharp, retain their seats.


Below are the 2016 election totals:

Registered voters for 2016: 1776
Number of voters: 767
Number of absentee voters: 299
Total voters: 1066 (about 60 percent of the registered voters)

Two seats for commissioner:

Stanley Mills # of votes: 688 (65 percent of total voters)
Richard J. Perry, Jr. # of votes: 473 (44 percent)
Mary A. Sharp # of votes: 609 (57 percent)

Here is the official sheet from Wayne Steele: