Renovations Approved for Delmar Elementary School


Image courtesy Wicomico County Schools

Renovations are planned for Delmar Elementary School – which will include new HVAC, lighting and improvements to classroom walls and doors.  The improvements to the 40 year old school have been approved by the Wicomico Board of Education and will be done as a 6-phase renovation project over a 2 year period.  Pre-construction is expected to begin in late 2018.

Renovations will include a new HVAC System, Fire Alarm and Sprinkler system, new lighting, as well as new ceilings, new secure front vestibule, new elevator, new ADA Toilet Room, and new improvements to the Administration Suite.

In addition, permanent classroom walls and doors will also be installed, along with new painting throughout the school.  “This is wonderful news for our students, parents and staff”, says Kirby Bryson, principal at Delmar Elementary.  “A new and modern instructional environment will make it more appealing to the student, and we believe that will enhance their capacity to learn. In addition, we’re going to have more space for teacher planning, and we’ll be ADA accessible with an elevator, and new ADA compliant restrooms”, said Bryson.   

Pre-Construction work would begin in late 2018, with Phase 1 renovations to begin in 2019. The total cost of the project including planning and designing is $10 million dollars.

The work being done to Delmar Elementary is named a “limited renovation” as defined by the State of Maryland, which consists of improvements to a minimum of 5 building systems and minor architectural improvements that support instruction.