More Weekend Trouble at a Dewey Bar



Rehoboth Beach police once again responded to assist Dewey Beach police this past weekend when an out-of-control brawl was reported at one of the town’s bars. This time it was the Rusty Rudder around 1 a.m. Sunday. According to a Dewey Beach police news release, the Rudder security staff reported that the altercation began within the restaurant when several patrons were ejected. As they escorted the troublemakers to Dickinson Avenue, several other patrons followed, began fighting and caused a disturbance, police said. The crowd grew to about 30 combatants by the time police arrived.

Police ordered the crowd to disperse and they refused. Several civilians and officers were exposed to pepper spray and one officer was injured when an unknown object struck him in the head. He was not taken to the hospital but simply treated at the scene. Several potential suspects were detained, police said, but none were charged because the victims were uncooperative.

The crowd cleared the Rudder deck and parking lot within about 15 minutes. Police immediately sent officers to guard the area Wawas in case troublemakers tried to continue their feuds there, as they have in the past. But no further issues were reported.