Salisbury Mother-Daughter Team Arrested For Growing Marijuana


A mother-daughter duo were arrested in Salisbury for growing marijuana in their home. 54-year-old Elizabeth Waybright and 19-year-old Britani Elburn were running a marijuana operation out of their basement in the 600 block of Mary Jane Drive when Waybright’s son found the plants. He reported it to the police after the pair refused to get rid of the stash. Elburn proceeded to punch and bite the boy before Waybright kicked him on the ground. When police got to the house, Waybright tried to lock them out before trying to lock herself in a bedroom. Police were able to arrest both women and charged them with assault and possession, and Waybright was additionally charged with avoiding arrest. She’s being held on $60,000 bond; Elburn, on $50,000.